New Players, New Jersey, New Captain

At the annual Bristol Pitbulls season launch night, the team introduced their new players for the season, a new jersey and a new captain.

To kick the night off, new players Dave Maning, Adam Coakley, Steve Osman, Nathan Chilcott and Jack Hayes were introduced to the crowd at Snuffy Jack’s Ale House in Fishponds.

It was also announced that Steve Osman would be captain for the upcoming season. Tom Asprey has been captain since 2012, but his work commitments mean that he will not be able to play every game this year. As a result, the decision was taken to announce Osman as only the third team captain in the team’s history to keep consistency with the role over the upcoming campaign.

Finally came the jersey launch, where it was announced that Bristol will return to a white and blue combination for the season.

Bristol Pitbulls would like to thank Snuffy Jack’s Ale House for hosting such a successful event for the team.