David Manning Interview

Ahead of this week’s season opener at Haringey, we caught up with recent signing David Manning about his journey to Bristol.

Manning said: “After playing midget/Junior A/ College in North America, I decided to try and play a decent level.

“I ended up playing in Hockeytvaan (div2) in Sweden. After that, I was lucky enough to play in France Div 1 for Courbevoie, which was a good standard. Especially, for a kid from the desert as there was some solid talent in that league.

“I ended up taking a year off before getting messaged by Chinny (Nicky Chinn) asking if I wanted to play again. So, I ended up icing for Cardiff in NIHL1 last year. It was a hard year through guys leaving/being injured and having nowhere near as many resources as other teams in the league. That being said, I had a fun year with the boys and we made the best out of that situation.

“Coming up to this year, Ozzy contacted me about this season and explained the direction the club was moving in. That, and the new rink being moved into, I thought it would be a good move going forward. I’m excited to get things underway and trying to with some silverware with the boys.”