Asprey Juggles Work and Hockey

Tom Asprey will return for another season with the Bristol Pitbulls after managing to juggle a new career in the ambulance service with the team.

There had been concern that Asprey may have had to retire due to his new work commitments. However, after reviewing the Pitbulls schedule for the 2018-19 season, it now appears that he will be able to play most games.

This comes as a great relief for the Pitbulls. Since joining the team from Swindon in 2011, Asprey has matured into the one of the team’s most dependable defencemen. Coach Richie Hargreaves commented last season that Asprey was the player whose absence was most felt in the games he was unable to ice in last season.

Having Asprey as part of the team’s plans for the upcoming season ensures that Bristol will stay competitive against the offensive strengthening that others teams have gone through this summer.